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Learn Excel, Love Yourself

Prof Clint Tuttle really wants you to learn excel. He also shows us what it means to be memorable. America, I trade you Bieber for Tuttle.

Dan Fricker And #SMWiTO

Have you seen the SMWiTO lineup? Ah-Ma-Zing. I had the chance to chat with Dan Fricker from Shopify and he had some interesting thoughts to share.

Tab 4 – marketing

BRAND YOURSELF Consumers and clients are hiring people, not companies.  Visual branding must tell your story and your assets must define you. Your website(s) should naturally guide your visitors through your funnel and be easy to navigate.  Accessibility standards...

Tab 3 – app development

SOCIAL IS REAL LIFE Social marketing isn't a strategy, it's a project. Such projects require clear goals, a defined purpose. We specialize in strategies and campaigns that break the mold and pushes boundaries to set yourself apart from the competition.  We take the...



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Experience Marketing: Get Promoted and Improve Your Love Life

Still waiting for that promotion? Wasting time on Tinder while your married friends are living their married life?

Discover how applying the principles of buyer psychology, experience design, and data analysis will get you promoted and improve your love life.

This keynote makes use of real-world examples, humour, and facts. Be prepared to laugh!