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Experience Design | Writer | Public Speaker | Industry Analyst

My expertise is buyer psychology, my passion is speaking, and my magic is creating outstanding experiences.

I analyse industry trends and report them here for you to learn. I write a lot of other things too, but this blog is a curated list of my technology and marketing related articles.

Featured Keynote

Experience Marketing: Get Promoted and Improve Your Love Life

Still waiting for that promotion? Wasting time on Tinder while your married friends are living their married life?

Discover how applying the principles of buyer psychology, experience marketing, and data analysis can open doors, get you promoted, and improve your love life.

This keynote makes use of real-world examples, humour, and facts. Be prepared to laugh!

Blogger. Content Creator. Influencer.

No matter the title on your LinkedIn profile – or which platform you choose – you have an audience to which you share, opine, and influence.

Brands and marketers want to leverage our platforms to sell more products, services, and ideas.  They have for years, it’s not a new concept.

So what’s changed?  The landscape we’re playing in looks vastly different than its beginnings and continues to evolve at lightning speeds.

Current content marketing strategies are quickly becoming archaic and will come to be obsolete in the next twelve to eighteen months.

How do you keep up?  How is the industry shifting?  How will you set yourself apart from the crowd?

I was fortunate to attend Adobe Summit and other events to research and discover how the marketing industry is unraveling and what it will look like in 2017.

Here’s what the experts are saying.

Deliver Experience

Brands have shifted away from selling products, moving into the mindset of delivering an experience to the consumer.

Experiences start with great content!

Marketers are looking for influencers who deliver goosebumps, emotions, and powerful messages with their words.

Media is But a Medium

A picture may deliver a thousand words, but media is no longer the message.

Use media (photography, video, etc.) to exhort a reaction and the viewer’s experience becomes the message.

Powered by Data

How well do you know your audience?  Adjust your analytics to maximize your insight.

A stellar experience hinges on how well you grasp the essence of your reader.  Relevant data is of utmost importance – Knowing your audience loves cheeseburgers won’t help you sell a landscaping package.

Ignore the Box, Go for Gold

How can you do you better? Because you can’t keep doing what everyone else has done.

Consumer expectations double every 18 months.

Be original, be creative, welcome the seemingly insane ideas.  Human intuition can never be replaced.

Take those crazy ideas and polish them to create content that will blow it out of the park.  You’ll deliver the original experience your audience deserves and delight the marketing reps that hired you.

Experience Success

We’ve entered a new era of marketing.  The first [brands, marketers, and influencers] to adapt and evolve will be wildly successful.

We are experiencing a tectonic shift in how we do business and market our wares.  Buyer patterns are changing.  The industry has been disrupted.  Embrace this revolution lest you fall through the cracks.

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