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Innovation happens when you choose to break the code to achieve desired results.  We remain stagnate when we limit our experience to the confines of existing technology and platforms.

All it takes is a flicker. Rarely triggered, typically brilliant, a spark of genius is born. My creativity sees no bounds and possibilities are limitless. Join me outside the box – it’s a heck of a lot more fun out here.

Angele Lafond

Angele Lafond


Experience Design | Writer | Public Speaker | Industry Analyst

My expertise is buyer psychology, my passion is speaking, and my magic is creating outstanding experiences.


Experience Designer, Industry Analyst, Speaker… Accountant, Graphic Designer, Photographer.

I am passionate, dedicated, and self-taught. My knowledge, experience, and expertise span several industries, include a varied skillset, and provide a rare blend of insights.

My journey has been atypical, to say the least. I began my professional life working with special needs kids, moved over to the world of banking and finance, completed a 2-year accounting diploma in 4 months, and pursued accounting and taxes as a profession. Regardless of industry, my expertise lies in identifying opportunities and solving problems.

5 years ago, I was a non-coder who designed graphics in Word – printed to PDF and saved as JPG – and transformed plain text to bold or italic. I have since mastered Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite and learned to code backwards; I use PHP, JS, and CSS to create magic and tell stories with pictures, graphics, and videos.

I built everything from nothing. I made it big and lost it all – I empathize with the small business owner’s struggles and their need of a corporate identity on a bootstrap budget. I used blogging – and speaking at blog conferences – to further my speaking career, which furthered my accounting business… and in turn allowed my marketing career to flourish.

I have a deep understanding of corporate finance and fiscal obligations. As the founder of Shoebox-Be-Gone, the accounting firm that speaks human, I have experience creating systems anyone can use while maximizing my revenue potential. I taught value pricing, including how money manipulates emotions, and am writing a book on buyer psychology.

In my CV you will find relevant professional experience to support my application for the position of UX Research Lead. The related links listed serve additional insights into my thought process, my leadership style, and who I am as a person.

I look forward to discussing how my unique perspective makes me the ideal candidate to lead and coach your growing team of UX researchers. I believe my work ethic, my ‘lead with respect & passion’ management style, and personality will fit right in with the Shopify team and culture.

I am available to meet at your convenience and am best reached by email at


In considering my application for UX Research Lead, please visit my CV. I’ve also included links to my business ventures, my speaking, my blogs, and my portfolios.