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SMWi Toronto TIFF Bell Lightbox

Pinch Social presents SMWi Toronto

Toronto earns its wings with a successful return of SMWi Toronto (Social Media Week).

Presented by Pinch Social inc. the event rounds up C-Level executives, social media strategists, content creators and technology entrepreneurs.  Thought leaders and professionals explored how social media and technology has transformed business practices, our society, and our culture.

The inaugural event had an impressive roster of speakers, including keynotes by Toronto city councillor Norm Kelly (@Norm), Buzzfeed Canada’s Craig Silverman (@CraigSilverman), and Yellow is for Hello co-founder Sam Fiorella (@SamFiorella).

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Featured Keynote

Experience Marketing: Get Promoted and Improve Your Love Life

Still waiting for that promotion? Wasting time on Tinder while your married friends are living their married life?

Discover how applying the principles of buyer psychology, experience marketing, and data analysis can open doors, get you promoted, and improve your love life.

This keynote makes use of real-world examples, humour, and facts. Be prepared to laugh!

Craig Silverman | BuzzFeed Canada

The award-winning journalist, author, and founding editor of BuzzFeed Canada regaled us with lessons unearthed by his team in the year since BuzzFeed Canada’s inception.

How do Canadians connect – and engages – with content? What works in one region may not necessarily resonate in other countries.  Craig dispensed nuggets of wisdom from a year of social wins and fails, including the story behind the raccoon that spawned a hashtag in the wake of city fail.

Norm Kelly | City Councillor, Toronto

Toronto has been taken by storm at the hand of @Norm’s twitter presence.

The 74 year old’ hilarious and culturally on-point tweets have captured the attention of followers world-wide.  He has made headlines for his use of social media, resulting in a skyrocketing following.  His engagement is unmatched by any other city councillor in the world.

From how he landed the perfect handle to how he chose to tweet Norm revealed his secrets to twitter success and beating Justin Bieber’s following.

I wanted to be fun. It’s like singing in the shower… except when I open the curtains there are 300k people there listening to me. Totally and completely unintended!

~ Norm Kelly, June 7th 2016

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Sam Fiorella | Sensei Marketing

Sam – CMO at Sensei Marketing and Co-Founder of Yellow is for Hello – is a father, entrepreneur, professor, author, mental health advocate.

The internet, he says, has become too big for influencer marketing.

There is a reverse correlation between the size of a brand’s online community, the amount of branded content published, and the measurement of greater impressions and reach with a marketer’s ability to measurably affect a business’ bottom line.

OF course I wanted to run up and excitedly tell him NO IT’S NOT, I HAVE THE MAGIC SAUCE, the impact to the bottom line can be measured. (If he could read minds, he’d have seen the restraint I showed.)

Bottom line? (see what I did there?) The industry has changed and we must find a way to see through the noise and the fluff if we’re to keep doing this thing we call ‘Influencer Marketing’.

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SMWi Toronto google canada
SMWi Toronto google canada
SMWi Toronto google canada

Did You Know?

Google Canada offices have a secret room! As in “need to know which book to pull off the shelf for the door to open” secret. I may have made a joke about staff having their very own “On-Call Room”.


In addition to the SMWi talks at TIFF and core conference programming, our vision for #SMWiTO is to be a sort of ‘social media doors open’ in the city, with a variety of tours and off-site events to provide attendees with rare glimpse inside the city’s most innovative workplaces.
~ Michelle Pinchev, Pinch Social

Attendees with an All-Access Pass were given the opportunity to sign up for interesting off-site tours including the offices of The Globe & Mail, Google Canada, and Twitter Canada.

Google Canada

We’ve all heard stories about the amazing work space Google provides its employees – they’re all true. What an amazing, colourful, and creative place to work.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit any of their campuses, do it – you won’t regret it!

SMWi Toronto twitter canada
SMWi Toronto twitter canada

Twitter Canada

Conversely, the Twitter Canada office renders luxuriously comfortable meeting spaces and serene areas for quiet reflection. Their work stations foster innovation and collaboration. Blended, this configuration lends itself to what appears to be a highly effective business environment.

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