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Type-A D.C. is just around the corner!

2 Days.  That’s it!  In 2 days I fly out to Washington D.C. to meet brands and bloggers, old and new.

What’s our Impact?

ImpactXD is proud to take part as one of 2 official event photographers.  Keynotes & sessions, brand events, impromptu ‘conferencing’ in the halls between events…  I can’t wait to capture the fun, the excitement, and the learning.

Captured moments will be available in the week following the conference, but that’s not all!

Headshots anyone?

New bloggers!

You’ll hear this a lot in the beginner bootcamp and other sessions – If you want to be serious about working with brands, you have to clean-up some.  That cute selfie – albeit gorgeous – from last year’s road trip should be updated to something more professional.

This week you will learn, get inspired, and connect with people and brands.  It’s a great time to refresh your social profiles and blog with professional headshots.

Veterans and not-so-new bloggers!

You’re not the same person you were last year, so why should your headshots be?  Professional pictures are one of those things that are always ‘on the list’.  Strike that line off and get new shots done while you’re in D.C.!

Get’em while they’re hot!

ImpactXD will be offering professional headshots at the Westin Alexandria on all 4 days of the conference.

The cost is $50 USD per person.  You will receive a watermarked preview within an hour of your session as well as an unmarked high resolution image in both web and print format within 24 hours.

You can use this form to reserve and guarantee your spot.  There’s a lot of you, and one of me.  If headshots are on your must-have list reserve your preferred spot and avoid disappointment.

I will be taking appointments on-site but availability is not guaranteed.

The fine print

I want to capture the best version of “YOU” possible.  Professional headshots don’t have to be boring and I’ll make sure your personality comes shining through loud and proud.

In order to accomplish this I want to concentrate on you – not on whether or not you’re paid up, processing credit card payments, and fumbling around for change.   To simplify both our lives – and avoid having people chase me down the halls as I can’t stay still in one place – I’ve created this form you can use to book your preferred time slot and prepay for your session.

Appointments booked on site will be payable by Visa / MC or cash (exact change only) at the start of your session. Remember, however, that these appointments are not guaranteed unless I’ve explicitly told you it was.

How much will this cost?
Headshots are $50 USD per person.  You will received a watermarked preview within an hour and a non-marked high resolution image in both print and web formats.  All files will be sent to you by email.
Do I have to pre-book my session?
Pre-booked appointments are not required however they are recommended to guarantee I’ll have a spot for you.
Does this count as a business expense?
Absolutely!  You would record this transaction under advertising costs.

Bonus tip: By paying with a credit card you’ll get an email invoice and it will show up on your statement.  It’s the easiest way to make sure you don’t miss any expenses.

For more on blogging and taxes – and a sweet surprise – visit this page for some #USEFULSWAG  (the password is #USEFULSWAG, case sensitive, and includes the hashtag)

What if I don't like my picture?

I take many shots and always make sure I have a least a few ‘winners’ to work with.

If, however, you are truly devastated we’ll do a retake before the weekend is over.  Only 1 retake session is available per person.  Retakes can only be requested after receiving high-resolution files.

Do you offer refunds?
Refunds will not be offered.  Instead, we give you the chance to re-take your pictures.

If you were a “no-show” for whatever reason I’ll do my best to fit you in.

Refunds may be offered in extreme circumstances at our discretion.

What if I can't make my time-slot?
In this modern age of technology I’m sure there’s a way we can get in touch.  Send me an email or a text (not Facebook messenger, as those may be filtered).

My phone number and other contact information will be sent to you at least 24 hrs before your session.

Please do your best to contact me or – at worse – chase me down the hall.  We’ll work something out!

None of those times work for me, what can I do?
If you are looking to book a time-slot during ‘non-conference’ times, please send me an email at and we can make alternate arrangements.

Mornings aren’t my thing but evenings in between events can work.

Type-A D.C. Headshots

Guarantee your spot in 3 easy steps!

Select your currency at the top-left of the page, choose from the available dates & times (If it’s listed, it’s available), proceed to Checkout. (There’s no need to create an account, you can checkout as a guest}

That’s it!

Reserve your spot!
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